Turfing Topsoil- Loose (1 tonne)

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Turfing Topsoil

Our Turfing Topsoil is a Grade 2 “economy” topsoil that is suitable for turf laying. It is still a multi-purpose topsoil grade, that offers a rich, nutrient packed and organic option but does include slightly more stone than our Grade 1 “multi-purpose”. Unlike flowerbeds, soil under turf is never redug or planted in and therefore doesn’t need to be as fine and clean. This product offers a cost saving while still being fit for purpose.

Turfing topsoil is ideal for:
- Planting turf lawns
- Filling low spots in the garden 

A lovely friable topsoil, excellent to work with; light and manageable, but holding the richness and quality needed to supply all of those roots and shoots with nutrients and minerals needed.

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