Premium Rotted Manure- Loose

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Premium Rotted Manure

Our Premium Rotted Manure product is a fine blend of well rotted cattle manure and clean compost fibre, which is chemical free. Our rotted manure is sourced on our own farm, from our own cattle, and processed by us- how about that for piece of mind!

A superb fertiliser which is clean and easy to handle, light enough to dig in but packed full of rich nutrients to help growth. Our process of rotting (6-12 months) sees us turn our manure piles every 3-4 weeks which allows oxygen- a key ingredient, to begin the cycle of heating and rotting a lot more consistently.

The final stage of production is for the rotted manure to now be put through a shredder, which breaks the rotted manure up further into a lovely, friable product, ready for our customers to dig straight in to their borders, flower beds & vegetable patches.

Due to the weed killing additives farmers use in the production of straw we have successfully made the change to supplying rotted manure based on a fine wood compost fibre.

Rotted manure is a lighter product than more dense aggregates such as soils & sands, and one bulk bag depending on moisture at time of filling is between 500-600kg.

- Improves structure of heavy soils

- Adds humus to thin sandy, or chalky soils

- Enriches all soils and supply nutrients for healthy growth

- Natural way of fertilising without the need for man made chemicals

Please note, this option is for the product to be delivered loose not in bags.

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